The Principles of U.S Money Reserve’s President

According to their LinkedIn, The U.S Money Reserve is a leading company in the distribution of precious coins, bullion, and bars that are government issued. The firm was established in 2001 and has been playing a significant role in helping people to acquire precious metals as a way of storing wealth. About 300,000 customers have […]

The Evolving Career of Crystal Hunt

Few careers in Hollywood have young beginnings like that of Crystal Hunt’s. Born and raised in beautiful Clearwater, Florida, Crystal Hunt had a desire and passion for entertainment from a young age. At the tender age of two she began working in numerous pageants in her area. From there she began working in a numerous […]

Nutrimost sues Healthy Living for stealing promotional video

Nutrimost, a national company, sues rival Healthy Living for ripping off their promational video. The video was posted on, a website owned by Healthy Living. Healthy Living removed all references to Nutrimost from the video and replaced it with Can’t Lose Diet. A Cease and Desist was ordered, but Healthy Living continued to keep the video on their website. They shortened the video ripped from the Nutrimost website. However, as of right now the video seems to be off the website. Nutrimost is asking for $300,000 from Healthy Living for the theft of their video and for the loss of their goodwill and reputation, that resulted in the theft. Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video For anyone who has ever been on diet, you know that diets aren’t one size fits all and Nutrimost gets this. With their Nutrimost Resonant Frequency (NRF) technology, doctors can help their patients lose 20-45 pounds in 40 days. Many of these patients will reduce or discontinue these medications to treat illness caused by being overweight. Nutrimost is the ultimate weight-loss program that doesn’t need extensive excersie, drugs, surgery or those expensive pre-packaged meals that leaves you hungry. Instead, this program rids your body of toxins and balances your hormone levels, helping you reach your goals. Doctors use this revolutionary technology to help their patients rid themselves of excess weight and decrease their risks of weight related diseases. Daily support, provided by the doctors, helps you reach and maintain your weight-loss goals. With the help of the Nutrimost system, many patients have reported that they no longer need to take these medications and that their blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes are under control. Read more:

The Passion of Helane Morrison

I have been in the corporate industry for quite some time, and I have never seen someone that has the type of passion that Helane Morrison has for upholding the law. This is such a phenomenal thing to me. I know that there are compliance officers for companies that may take on these roles, but […]

SEC Whistleblower Act and the Role of Labaton Sucharow Attorney’s

Whistleblowers play a critical role of breaking the silence by reporting various security violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Over the years, the US Congress has passed various pieces of legislation aimed at protecting and strengthening the whistleblower program. In 2010, reports that Congress passed the ground breaking whistleblower program called the […]

Stephen Murray’s CCMP Heritage Carries On

A founding partner of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray also led the way throughout the private equity industry with his constructive contributions. Murray, who operated as CCMP’s chief executive officer and president, was a founding partner of the firm. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and He passed away on March 12, 2015 […]

Lime Crime Makeup Is Creative Self-Expression At Its Finest

For the longest time, makeup has been all about the traditional beige and play safe colors, because that’s what society was telling us. Red was about the only bold lipstick shade any of us were allowed to wear for years. None of that matters anymore, ladies, because the cosmetics playing field has been leveled. It […]

Laidlaw and Company Is A Retirement Plan For Us

I had James Ahern on the phone when I called Laidlaw and Company, and he helped me get to a great broker for my investing needs. There are some things that I needed to get straight if I was going to start investing, and my new broker answered all my questions right away. Then I […]

Tips For Marketing Your Online Business

For businesses, your marketing strategy is extremely important and can make or break your business. The internet plays a very important role in your marketing strategy. It is important to have an effective business website. There are several different parts to having an effective website for your business. It is important that the page is […]