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Graffiti art has been around since the stone age when writing on walls was the only tool man had.  Through thousands of years of evolution we find ourselves here today, doing the same thing early man did.

The art of graffiti is a combination of typography, realism, surrealism, experimentation and just about any other art form under the sun.

Today, graffiti art is a worldwide phenomenon that encompasses the globe and brings cultures together.  Anywhere you go in the world, letters and characters are communicating a certain tone from the artist.  It may be anger, playfulness, sadness, protest, happiness and even emotions never experienced.

There is no denying the art of graffiti.  Our goal is to educate young artists, provide tools for all to participate and advocate for public art space.


All City Paint Supply has a deeply rooted connection with the local, national and international graffiti art community.  Our philosophy is to connect the artists directly with the clients and simply be the broker between the two.  Fees, payment, concept and scheduling is done between the client and the artist.

Typically, artists charge based on size, complexity and location of the art installation.

It is difficult to put a price tag on a custom piece of art in your business, office, home or any other location.  Each project is different and each artist is different, we try to best match your business with the artists we are connected with.


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